Monday, September 24, 2007

Apology to Iranian President

Photo: John Smock/AP
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in New York to a very un-welcoming reception.

He plans to appear at several events at the U.N. and at Columbia University to set the record straight with the American people who, he says, have been denied "correct information," about going to war with Iran and about Iran's intentions with its nuclear development.

As an American, I am appalled and embarrassed that we would treat a foreign head of state in the manner depicted in this photo. This protest, according to the Associated Press, was organized by a New York City Council member--David Weprin--no less!

We seem to have forgotten that other sovereign nations are SOVEREIGN NATIONS and that we are obligated to deal diplomatically with their their presidents and senior representatives. Growing up in the cold war, I do not recall us ever treating Gorbachev or even Castro this way.

Secondly, New York has denied Ahmadinejad's request to lay a wreath at Ground Zero, claiming that he would "violate sacred ground." What does that mean? Have we labeled the man a "terrorist" because he refuses to be bullied by the United States? Did the Iranian government have anything to do with 9-11? Are we really all so ready and eager to label this man our enemy, as our government would have us do? We are treating the man like a first-rate criminal. Is this right? We need to be very careful!

All along, I have been wondering about what right America has to insist that another SOVEREIGN NATION not develop nuclear technology. It is nothing short of bullying. Are we supposed to believe that in our hands, the technology is safe, but not in anyone else's? And why wouldn't Iran want to keep some kind of ace in the hole when it has seen what we have done to its neighbor, Iraq, without any justification?

I think the American people should use their manners, and hear what this man has to say! At the very least, he needs to be treated with the dignity and respect that any foreign leader and, for that matter, human being, deserves.

I hope Ahmadinejad will know that not all Americans are this rude, obnoxious and yes, stupid.


Anonymous said...

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Mark Rosera said...

Hi. Interesting post and views. It looks like a jew/arab thing - look at the picture on your post - a bunch of jews who hate the man because of his rhetoric about israel; he says he'll wipe them out, you know. Iran is hardly a nation at all - there is no organization, social services or human rights. The man is a tyrant. I wonder what percentage of the Iranian public is enjoying nuclear energy... tis a black market business.