Saturday, May 26, 2007

Highly Recommended

Enjoyed every minute of this in my post-paper-writing daze. Watch out--you'll fall in love with Mr. Darcy, or Elizabeth Bennett, or both.

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Cursed Tea said...

Oh Sara I'm YEARS ahead of you - I own the DVD and everything!! Mr Darcy (Colin Firth)'s cousin lived in the flat above me at Uni - we kept hoping he'd visit - he never did - sigh....

When Darren caught me watching it (AGAIN) he patiently went into the corner to read or something, and one of the Bennet sisters towards the end says "who's that with him?, you know that man who's always with Mr Bingley?" and Mrs Bennet says "I don't know dear".....
Darren blurts out in a kind of disgusted tone "Mr Bloody Darcy"!!!!!!! I had to laugh!!

Enjoy swooning!
Big Hugs