Sunday, April 15, 2007

Modern-Day Slavery

I attended a reception this evening for the launch of Nivasa Foundation--committed to supporting those in Sri Lanka who have been victims of modern-day slavery. The founder of Nivasa (which means house), Beatrice Fernando, is an eloquent speaker who tells a dramatic story of her survival of slavery. She had to nearly kill herself by jumping off a fourth-floor balcony in order to escape, breaking her back and overcoming paralysis that doctors said would be permanent. See here for more info about Fernando and Nivasa.

Disposable People
by Kevin Bales

Most people think of slavery as a phenomenon of the past, as something we have put behind us. In Disposable People Bales surveys the disturbing extent of slavery in the modern world, where there may be more slaves than at any previous time in history — around 25 million by his estimate. More here.

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