Friday, April 27, 2007

Missoula Peacemaker of the Year

Jeannette Rankin Peace Center names Josh Slotnick as 2007 Peacemaker of the Year

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce the 2007 Peacemaker of the Year – Josh Slotnick of Garden City Harvest and the UM Environmental Studies Program. Josh co-founded Garden City Harvest and started the PEAS Farm project with its community gardens and educational farms because he saw the need to connect people to the earth in loving, sustainable ways. He has worked to educate and inspire young people to create peace in the world at a very basic level. His organization sustains our community by engaging us locally to care for the earth's bounty,

"Peace begins when the hungry are fed." ~Dorothy Day

to feed the hungry and to recognize the connection between all of us and the earth. Visit to learn more about his work and then plan to join us as we celebrate him on May 4.

When I think about the vast contribution Josh has made to peace in Missoula, I am reminded of the importance of understanding in our world. Josh saw a need in this community, he sought to understand it, and that willingness helped him to find solutions. Whether that understanding is created in our connections to the earth, in our interactions with those around us or in learning about people who are different from us, it is clear that we must all find ways to reach out in understanding if we are to create peace. The truth is there are many people and situations that demand more of our understanding and compassion. Peace begins when we connect with them where they are and how they need us – whether that is food, education, time or understanding.

Please join me in congratulating Josh Slotnick and thanking him for the peace he has created in Missoula. ~Betsy

NPR interview with Josh Slotnick.
Josh's UM faculty webpage.

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