Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Book Review: Re-Enchantment

I have fallen behind with my book reports! It is that time in the semester...the final push to the finish line and graduation!

Here's my favorite report on the teaching of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche from Jeffrey Paine's book, Re-Enchantment:

Trungpa said it was a guru's duty to insult his students (meaning, affront their distorted egotism), and in this duty he did not fail. Some inner radar of his seemed to detect where a person's hidden vanity lay, and he would home straight in on that sensitive spot. Consider the time when the American called Bhagavan Das--made famous in Ram Dass's best-selling Be Here Now, where Das is portrayed wearing blond dreadlocks and walking barefoot all over India--came to pay Trungpa a visit. That night everyone drank until they passed out, and the next morning, Das woke to find his long blond dreadlocks had been cut off while he slept by Trungpa. The night before Bhagavan Das had preached that material objects do not matter, and Trungpa thus demonstrated that they did matter to Das. Fortunately for Trungpa this was the 1970s, when many people imagined that being confronted would remake them for the better. (p. 88)
Bhagavan Das

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