Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This evening, I'm taking a wax dyeing workshop (batik) with Nigerian artist OYENIKE OKUNDAYE.

Nigerian textile artist Chief Oyenike Monica Okundaye - known to virtually everyone as Nike - has made it her life's work to be an inspiration to others - and especially to other women. Inspired by her great-grandmother, she has worked tirelessly to gain international recognition for Nigeria's rich cultural heritage and to pass on traditional skills, not least for their value in empowering female artists. Her title of chief is in recognition of her achievements. "I am a chief in Nigeria because of my work as an artist and using it to develop and empower the youth and the women in my country," she said. Read more here.

The workshop was a lot of fun, although a lot of repeat info for me on basic tie-dyeing. But my fingers are blue and the group of ladies there laughed the whole evening. I needed that. Nike wanted to give me a "Nigerian name." She was trying to think of something that started with "S" so she chose Seye, which she says means "someone who others like to honor."


Zumma Zumma said...

A fitting name. Tell me Seye, do you have any pets?

Anonymous said...

Not yet. I'm hoping for a brown dog at some point.