Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yeelen (Brightness)

Set in the powerful Mali Empire of the 13th century, Yeelen follows the journey of Nianankoro, a young warrior who must battle the powerful Komo cult of his elders--depicted as a stagnating and oppressive system of mystical powers. The hero, Nianankoro, and his mother have been fleeing his father, Soma--a dangerous and corrupt wizard--for ten years.

Soma uses his dark magic to find and attempt to destroy his son, who also displays a powerful magic. Following his mother's advice, Nianankoro undertakes a pilgrimage in search of his uncle, Soma's twin brother, traveling over the arid Bambara, Fulani and Dogan lands of ancient West Africa.
On his journey, he learns to fight and seduces the wife of a king. He reunites the magic eye of Kore with the Wing, which thus restores the Wing's power, and enables him to encounter his father in a final fatal showdown that brings about a new order.

Director Soulymane Cissé
uses landscape, light and sound to produce a unique and striking cinematic style.

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