Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The end of summer

Just a few days left in Montana. The frost is on the pumpkin, the waters are chilly but still refreshing. This time of year always makes me nervous. It's always about transitioning: fall excitement mixed with despair at summer's end. I leave in two days for Boston. After the earlier roadtrip from Nashville to Missoula, I'm less enthusiastic about the long trip to the east coast, but luckily have found a traveling companion...a ballet dancer named Robert who, coincidentally, also has dreams of living on a goat farm some day. Hopefully with his help, the trip will be faster, smoother and more enjoyable for the company. School starts up again on the 15th. I'm hoping to really make this year much less about hoop-jumping and much more about the development and articulation of my own ideas.

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