Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Golden Opportunity

While helping my sister move from Houston to Nashville, I found the car I've been looking for. Every once in awhile I do something that others think is crazy--in this case, too risky. But I had to take a chance. I saw it on Tuesday, bought it, registered it and started off toward Montana on Wednesday. We drove 2200 miles, adding a lot of oil (it has a leak) but otherwise having no problems...
I witnessed a lot of fear and doubt on the faces of all those who thought I was nuts...and they might have been right. But certain opportunities come along when we least expect them, and we have to be ready to jump.
Kristen and Kiki were both very supportive. Here is Kiki's profound advice:

I hope you can read this email before you buy the car. I want to say couple of things regarding the car you will be buying and driving today.
First,there is no such thing on earth that can make all human beings safe. In fact, everything that is made by man doesn't last forever. We, human beings in this world are surrounded by millions of dangers that we disregard as long as we are not directly touched by them.
We are constantly creating security and certainity to worry less about we do not have control over. Driving a car is already a risk. Either it is considered a new car or a used car. Although a new car has everything new on it, therefore it gradually increases the probability of being safe in it. A used car is also safe. Considering the fact that it has being driving for so long. Therefore, the car and the engine is used to doing that activity of driving. There are, i believe, millions of reasons to consider a used car just as worth as a new car. I am not trying to denied that millions of people around the world think that a new car is more secured than a used. It probably looks nicer, but the danger is constantly there. Even though we manage to erase such danger through our excitement about driving a new car.
I have many arguments, to defend the idea that a used car is just as safe as a new car. An illustration of that idea is the example of many african people we drive old or very old cars for many years. Most of the time,those used car last even longer than new car. May be it is not quiet clear to you, the idea is that we give the value to our object. Then, it makes our worries go away. Thus, we feel safe.
Honey, i do not have enough time to present details regarding what i am talking about. But, i know that you will get it. Be excited to have your car. That car is going to last as long as we value it. And you will realize that this is going to be your first experience with this car. Then, you will have another and another. Later, you will really appreciate this car. I am not saying that there is no danger to have this car, but the idea is whether the car is valuable or vulnerable, we, humans give the value and importance to our objects.

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Cursed Tea said...

I'm SO glad that the "golden nugget" made it to Missoula - I was sending you guys good vibes!!! I have learnt from knowing Kristen and the tales of both of your exploits that when it comes to the Bruya sisters crazy descisions on the spur of the moment in general work out or work out for the better! In addition the adventure that accompanies them is well worth any risk - you have such a rich life because of it. You inspire me.