Friday, June 30, 2006

Many hats

I've been wanting to make a list of all the jobs I've ever had... it might be a useful tool if I ever write a memoire. This blog is heavily farm-weighted because it is my life's current manifestation...if only I could recreate here each previous adventure. I'll begin and see where I get. Beginning with the present:
  • Organic Farmer - PEAS Farm, Youth Harvest
  • UM English Language Institute, ESL teacher to Japanese college students
  • MHCOP, Residential counselor to native american high school students
  • Teacher's aide, Sussex School
  • The Shipping Depot, Missoula MT
  • Peace Corps, high school English teacher in Gabon
  • Chef at Buffalo Horn Ranch, Meeker CO
  • Chef on private ranch in Colorado. Cooked for Tarajumara runners and Tibetan lamas.
  • Private chef for Henry Luce III and Leila Hadley Luce for one week. They liked me because I was a SLC grad, but still wanted me to wear a maid's uniform, so I quit.
  • Owner, Montana Gourmet --catering, event-planning business in NYC.
  • Temporary Admin. assistant to executives at BMG, Estee Lauder, MAC, Sony, etc.
  • Melissa Media Associates - publishers of Greek and Latin texts, art and history books. Editing, admin.
  • Kinko's copies, Missoula, MT. Promoted to "shift-leader"
  • George Trescher Associates, NYC Event planning...including the 75th Anniversary of TIME magazine where I danced with Jack Kevorkian, shook hands with Gorbachev and Walter Cronkite, escorted General Schwartzkopf to his table and had to put up with Harvey Weinstein's "don't you know who I am?? I'm Harvey Weinstein!"
  • Gardener in private NYC gardens and caretaker for Park Ave (planted flowers, cut the grass, picked up hypodermic needles) between 80th and 90th Streets.
  • Michelle's Kitchen - a deli on Lexington across from the Barbizon Hotel where I was living with artist, Linda Scott. I served coffee and pastries in the morning. All the workers called me "habibe," but the owner tried to pretend he was French and not Arab.
  • Nanny for filmmaker Lavinia Currier, The Plains, VA
  • Made and sold fleece hats.
  • Little Caesar's Pizza
  • Hostess, chinese restaurant, Grove City, PA
  • Made and sold papier mache fruit.
  • Made jewelry and had a gallery in Seattle, WA

These are just the ones I can remember...Unfortunately, this list doesn't begin to give a sense of the crazy stories associated with each experience. I'll have to fill that in be continued...

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