Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Farm Dreams

Since I started working at the PEAS Farm, I dream every night of vegetables, vegetation. Sometimes I have a dream about the farm itself...but most of the time I notice cabbages at the edges of other scenarios. In one dream I was touring the house of a body-builder. He had just inherited the house, which was full of amazing plants. But he couldn't figure out how to water them all and so was planning to just tear them out to make more room for his weight machines. In my dream I was anxious to find an irrigation solution for him, or somehow to rescue the plants.

The first week, perhaps even before starting at the farm, I had a dream that it was the first week of the semester back at Harvard--the "shopping period" during which everyone is sampling and choosing classes. The most coveted and talked-about class in my dream was a class called, simply "Carrots." The fancy Harvard wood-paneled lecture hall was packed with potential students...there was a waiting list subject to the approval of the professor. There was a fancy powerpoint presentation on carrots in their various stages of development. In the dream I was desperate to get into the class; not so much because I cared anything about carrots, but because it was the popular thing to do. I wasn't sure why it was so important to so many people, but I figured, if it was so coveted, I too needed to try to get in. I had a full schedule already and was trying to figure out what to drop in order to take the Carrot class...
I woke up laughing about that one, because it was such a great and humorous illustration of conformity, as pointed out by my friends Emerson and Thoreau.

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